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An international spirit

The endeavour of science brings nations together towards a common goal, and many of CERN’s experiments are international collaborations. The Laboratory welcomes many visiting physicists every year from all over the world. Some may stay for a seminar, whereas others may remain for months or even years working on an experiment.

The continuous flow of visitors not only brings new ideas for physics, it also enriches the Laboratory with a unique mix of cultures. As nationalities mingle and visitors come and go, the exchange of ideas and the circulation of people is the life-blood that keeps CERN alive.

Welcome to a different side of CERN, as seen through the eyes of the many physicists and engineers who are currently working here, or have spent a memorable time here. Whether these are exciting tingles of being right in the middle of the action, or precious memories of moments past, they all convey a private view of CERN that is unique and of its time, adding to the timeless spirit of the Laboratory.