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CERN’s mission

Research, technology, collaboration, education

The convention that established CERN in 1954 clearly laid down the main missions for the Organization.

Primarily, the Convention states;

“The Organization shall provide for collaboration among European States in nuclear research of a pure scientific and fundamental character (...). The Organization shall have no concern with work for military requirements and the results of its experimental and theoretical work shall be published or otherwise made generally available”.

Today it is the contents of the nucleus – the basic building blocks of the Universe – that provide the key to unlock the frontier of fundamental research, but CERN’s main mission remains essentially the same.

The Convention also states that CERN shall organize and sponsor international co-operation in research, promoting contacts between scientists and interchange with other laboratories and institutes. This includes dissemination of information, and the provision of advanced training for research workers, which continue to be reflected in the current programmes for technology transfer and education and training at many levels.

  • Research: Seeking and finding answers to questions about the Universe
  • Technology: Advancing the frontiers of technology
  • Collaborating: Bringing nations together through science
  • Education: Training the scientists of tomorrow